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  1. May 17,  · Kick it up a Notch To make things more intense, exciting, or interesting. (Phrase first used by Emril Lagasse while cooking.) Now refers to a song in the Team Starkid Production Starship.
  2. Source. " Kick It Up a Notch " is a song written for the special, Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension, featuring Slash. It was released as a single on July 19, , and the music video debuted on July 22nd during an airing of Toy Story on the Disney Channel. The music video appears in the end credits during the broadcast version of the movie, but are not on the DVD version or Disney Followed by: Tour de Ferb.
  3. Kick it up a notch Never give yourself a reason to doubt You gotta strike it while it's hot 'Cause that's what livin's all about My dear Bug, it's time the Lights went Out! [BUG].
  4. Mar 13,  · Kick It Up A Notch Lyrics: You've gotta kick it up a notch / If you're ever gonna reach your goal / You can't sit around and watch / Your destiny is in your control / Go 'head and / Kick it up a.
  5. Go 'head and kick it up a notch If your life is at a level too low There's no attempt that you can botch When all you gotta do is just give it a go.
  6. Definition of kick it up notch kick it up notch to increase the intensity of something. See more words with the same meaning: to increase.
  7. I share them all here, at Click it Up a Notch®, where I’ve helped over 55, people unlock the power of their DSLR cameras and take better pictures of the day-to-day love and laughter in their lives. Huffington Post Top 5 Blog for Momtographers. Learn to Take Beautiful Pictures of the People You Love.
  8. Kick It Up A Notch Academy of Dance Join our KIUAN family and discover the love of dance.

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